Monday, August 09, 2010

Pop Goes the Weasel!

Remember my Bubble of Tremendous Potential? It's pretty much gone now. Don't worry, it popped in the most pleasant way possible; pretty much all the potential was met.

Now that there's no danger of jinxing things, I can tell you all the good news.

First (and probably most important) I have a new job! It's basically my old job but now I have benefits and I only go to one library. Even better- it's exactly the library at which I was hoping to get a job. It's close and I really like the staff and the patrons. The position is only 20 hours a week so it will work really well with school (which starts in two weeks! More on that later).

Second (and probably most fun) is a much improved romantical situation. There is boyfriend. He is wonderful. We got together around the Fourth of July and things have been going strong since. I'm not telling any more than that because it's none of your business. If you know me outside of the internet, I'll be happy to talk your war off about him in person.

Third (and this is probably still infusion process of popping really) is teh skulze. I'm really close to graduating, you guys. It's crazy. Plus I can totally start slacking off as far as classes go. I have almost all my upper level credits done so I could take all intro classes next semester just to get enough hours to graduate. What little time I have left in school is going to be super fun, I think.

Those are the big things. I planned to write more today but I'm posting from my phone which is kind of a pain in the ass. That is also my excuse for any typos/weirdness.