Tuesday, July 31, 2007

H to the Pizzle

Until today, I was very purposly making a point of not blogging about Harry Potter. I pre-ordered the last book weeks before it came out, recieved it in the mail Saturday afternoon and spent 14 hours straight on Sunday reading the whole damn thing.

I didn't blog about it because everyone was blogging about it. I didn't (and don't) have much to say that hasn't been said a billion times all over the internets. I'm still not going to put my two cents in about the book.

I'm breaking my silence on the subject now because of an interview Rowling did that explains a little more about what happens to the kids after the end of the book. The epilogue was vague and left much to be desired. I certainly don't want to know every single detail about what happens to every single character, but I was upset that the epilogue didn't cover what the kids (exept for Neville) were actually doing. So here's a link to the interview for any of my devoted readers who are interested. There are not any surprises, really, but it's interesting anyway.

Update: The Leaky Cauldren has even more answers here

Monday, July 30, 2007

I Wonder

Is it wrong to write when one has absolutely nothing worthy to write about?

Of course, that prompts the question: What qualifies something as worthy to be written?

I would say that this quandary does not qualify. But my fingers are desperate to type something and I have no amusing anecdotes to record, or any particularly deep thoughts to throw out into the universe.

A fly just landed briefly on my ring. That was odd.

I think, in lieu of anything personal to blog about, I'm going to talk about . . . SPACE!

How 'bout those dust storms on Mars, eh? As bad as it is for the rovers, I think it's kind of exciting. I mean, it's not unusual for Mars to have big wind storms, but we haven't had two rovers up there for any other ones (have we? If we have I give you permission to call me a schmuck). Not that the little guys can do much, what with low sunlight and everything, but it's sort of almost like being there. Only much more comfortable. No one likes getting sand in their panties, and I'm sure sand would be EVERYWHERE if a person was actually up there.

The Phoenix looks pretty flippin' sweet too.

Finally, (this is old news, but I haven't mentioned it before) New Horizons got some really wicked pictures when it flew by Jupiter. Please, don't judge me too harshly when I say that I'm totally turned on by the volcano pics on Io. And the pics of the Little Red Spot are just freaking hot.

This concludes my geek-out of the day. Thank you for your patience

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Pull Yourself Together Man!

Sometimes I think that I should ascribe some sort of theme to this blog. Some possibilities that have crossed my mind are:

> Literary discussions of the books I have read, am reading or want to read

> Some sort of chronicle of the stuff I'm doing to get ready for the 111 mile bike ride I'm doing in a few weeks (eeek it's coming up quickly)

>Snarky movie reviews or celebrity commentary ('cause there aren't enough blogs out there already doing that)

>Snarky reviews of random stuff (food, bands, venues, festivals, restaraunts) that I try/go to.

I think having some sort of structure to my blog might make me more popular. People I don't directly know will find my blog interesting and worth checking several times a day. Then I can become QUEEN OF THE INTERNETS and rule the world. (insert maniacly evil laughter here)

But then I think "no, that's boring." Not ruling the world. Having structure. Is boring. As are complete sentences. If I had structure to my blog, I wouldn't be able to post a lot of stupid shit that is generally apropos of absolutely nothing.

That reminds me, I want to re-read a book I read a long time ago called Sir Apropos of Nothing. It was hilarious.

See, non-sequiters like that would... no they would still be there if I had structure. They would either make more sense or less sense though, depending on what the theme of my blog ended up being.

I'm thinking of putting a poll on my blog. It sounds like fun. It would be more fun if there were more people to take the poll. Maybe if I leave it up long enough....

Wednesday, July 25, 2007


You may have noticed (those two of you out there that read this ever) that things look a little different around here.

I decided that, after two and some years, it was time to give my blog a little makeover.

Don't it look spiffy? It's a little busier than it was before, and I'm not sure my super colorful posts are going to work well anymore, but I kinda like it.

If you don't, well that's your problem, isn't it?

Friday, July 20, 2007

I'm A Terrible Person! Here's Why:

Right now I am looking out the window in front of my desk at two fire trucks and an ambulance. Some random drunk guy just passed out on the grass around our parking lot. I don't know if it was heatstroke (it's 103 degrees today), dehydration or just normal drunkeness. It's aweful, but it you're going to be drunk and out in the sun when it's 103, that's what you get.

I'm a horrible person because, before I found out it was a random drunk, I was rooting for it to be Hector.

Hector is a creepy old (mid-late 30s. Not that old, but old enough) hispanic (great, now I'm going to sound racist too) guy who's been doing landscaping for us all summer. He's creepy because he hits on me all the time. And he has gold teeth. And smokes. And hits on me all the time. A month or so ago he gave me a dozen roses totally out of the blue. A few weeks ago he tried to give me a bottle of perfume. He's asked me out to lunch, to go dancing, to dinner, to get coffee on several occasions. He has also asked for my number. He really bothers me. I guess I should say something to one of the higher-ups about it.

Anyway, I was really hoping it would be him because if he got carted away, I wouldn't have to deal with him at least for the rest of the day. I'm terrible. It's not good to wish bad things on people, no matter how creepy and yucky they are.

The random drunk just walked off. They had him sitting in the back of the ambulance for a while. I guess they revitalized him.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Ah Sweet Redemption

Some of you may recall, (and for those who don't, here is a link (just read the penultimate paragraph as it is the only one that is relevant)) back in January, I sold my soul to American Express. I am happy to report that today, just a few moments ago in fact, that soul has been emancipated! That's right, I just paid off the last of my credit card debt! YAY!

I am now one step closer to getting the hell out of my parents house. It's really about time, don't you think? I do.

Since we're on the topic of goals I had/have for this year (also mentioned at above link), I've done quite a lot along the lines of growing up. I'm not totally sure I like it. Because I have to wake up so darn early every day for my "real job," I've become kind of a party pooper on the weekends. Most Friday nights I can barely keep my eyes open after 11 pm. That's really early for fun lovin' twenty-somethings.

Most of my friends hang out late at night during the week too. I simply can't because I have to get up early and I'm cranky if I don't get at least 6 hours of sleep.

Oh, and because I'm training to do the ULCER, I've been getting up ungodly early on Sunday mornings to ride my bike. This ruins my Saturday nights. No hardcore partying for me because riding 50 miles hungover after only getting 3 hours of sleep is not a happy thing.

I'm not totally sure I hate this grown-up stuff though. It's nice to actually be doing something with my life (even if it's not really much). I've kind of been passively floating along for a while, so it's refreshing to assert myself a little.

Now I have to actually get back to doing work.