Monday, April 30, 2007

Sgt Nicholas Angel is my Hero

I had a pretty fabulous weekend. Nothing extremely exceptional happened, but I had nothing but fun.

On Friday I went to see
Hot Fuzz, a bloody brilliant little bit of comedy from the makers of Shaun of the Dead. I have to say I like the zombie flick a little better, but I also like zombie flicks better than cop movies so .... Anyway, I recomend checking out Hot Fuzz if you're looking for a good laugh. I had a final earlier on Friday so laughing was quite a nice follow up.

Saturday afternoon I saw Les Miserables with my grandma and mother. It was quite well done and, though really long and operatic, very good. I hadn't seen it before so it was a worthwile passing of the afternoon. Saturday night I went to a party and met some interesting people including a kid I actually met once way back in high school (freshman year to be precise). He was a friend of my boyfriend at the time. I'm not sure why I remembered that I had met him briefly before. Anyway, we talked about art and I'm now inspired to spend a small chunk of time wandering around the UMFA (art museum) this afternoon.

Sunday was my favorite day of the weekend. I got up early, at 7, (which was not so great, but not really that bad) and went for a 27 mile bike ride. I'm pretty damn proud of myself for that considering how I'm in terrible shape and haven't ridden my bike any major distance in years. It was a wonderful ride too - the weather was perfect and everything looked pretty and springish. That afternoon I bought some stuff for my bike at REI (I discovered after 30 miles that my saddle was not really as comfortable as I might like) and piddled around outside for a bit. I went to bed last night feeling quite tired, but in a really good way.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Today's Forcast is Blueberries

There comes a time in every girl's life when she has to ask herself, "What 5 songs would be the most tubular songs ever for karaoke?" (apparently she has to speak 80s when she asks)

I've never done karaoke myself (as a service to the planet, believe me). And I believe that the quintisential karaoke songs should be ones that most people wouldn't think of and that lend themselves to total embarassment of the singer.

This is what I would answer:

"It's the End of the World" by REM -thoroughly impossible to sing all the lyrics but it would kick ass if you could. And it would kick ass seeing the karaoke kids try to hit all the lyrics. Awesome.

"Psycho Killer" by Talking Heads - really, anything by the Talking Heads would be fun. Their songs don't make much sense, but you don't really need to be able to SING to sing them. And Psycho Killer has French bits. Anything French is fun!

"ADIDAS" by Korn - It cracks me up. And how much fun is it to sing about nothing but sex? Come on, shake those karaoke singing grandma's up a bit. It'll do them good to be a little shocked. (for those of you thinking: "how many grandma's do karaoke? I thought it was a younger people thing. Like something you 20-30 somethings do in bars." You should probably should take a moment to think before you think something.)

"Woo Hoo" by the 5 6 7 8s - for those who are extremely lyricly challenged.

"Bohemian Rhapsody" by Queen - This is actually what started it all. This was on somebody's (I don't remember who or how I heard about it) list of the best karaoke songs because it's a great song to do in a group and it has something for everyone: a little rock, a little opera, a little... Freddie Mercury. I thought: That's dumb. There's no way a human being, especially a drunk one, can hit the high notes in that. Man, this would be awesome to see.

So that is my list. I think someday I should go to a karaoke bar and fix it so that people have to sing these songs. I'm sure it would be the raddest thing ever, dude.

Thursday, April 26, 2007


Here's a no brainer. It turns out that text messaging (omg i nvr wooda thawt this culd happn) makes kids dumber! Ok, not dumber, just less litterate. There's a big surprise, eh?.

Devoted readers of my blog (ha ha ha omigod I'm funny) know how much I love text messages from my
rant a good while back. This article just adds another item to the list of why I don't like 'em. The art of constucting a decent sentence is being distroyed by technology! I'm sure it applies to more than just Irish kids too. Maybe we don't notice it in our American youth because they're all electro-brain-washed and inarticulate/illiterate to beging with. It's all very tragic, I think I may cry.

(insert exasperated sigh here) It's really no use resisting such technology as text messaging. Yes, I did give it up for a month last year, but that didn't really do anything. My friends who communicate soley by text got a little annoyed with me. They still sent me texts messages and I called them in response. It was all very silly.

I'm tempted to give it up again, but it's kind of nice to be able to talk to friends when I'm at work and can't really gab on the phone. By no means is this a necessary diversion, but it's kind of nice. Anyway, I always practice safe texting (still HATE that word! I'm all for turning nouns into verbs on occasion, because it's fun, but this is yucky. Texted is worse). I send complete sentences with my texts; often they are long winded sentences with words that the autospell on my phone doesn't recognize. I absolutely refuse to use "i m speak" unless in mockery of people who speak completely in letters. I refuse to let my literacy slip through my fingers as they work the number keys of my phone! Not that it's likely to do so, it's pretty well ingrained in me.

It's also scary when people text and drive.

Speaking of driving,

I feel very unhappy for this world of ours. I would feel much worse, I'm sure, if I hadn't ridden my bike to work today. Especially since my gas tank is empty and I would have had to spend 40 some odd dollars to fill it up if I drove it today. Yay bike!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Tis a Blustery Sort of Day

Last night I had vegan pizza. It was good, but it wasn't really what I would call pizza. The consensus was that it should be called "weird shit on bread." But that doesn't make it sound very appetizing. Of course neither does "vegan pizza" really. Oh well, it was actually quite good.

Over the weekend I got a new pair of shoes for $2.50. They're gold and strappy and I'm probably not going to wear them more than a couple times in my life, but they were only $2.50.

You know what would be fun? If a tornado hit downtown and I had to go home. I guess it would probably be more scary than fun, at least in the traditional sense. Oh but it would be exciting. And I sort of don't feel like working today. It's not so bad really. Just on days like this when it's stormy and crazy outside, I want to be either out in the weather or watching it from the comfort of a big armchair with a nice cup of tea. Actually here at my desk I have a very decent view of the rampaging winds. I'm just missing the tea.

Update: There was no tornado. :( And now it's snowing. The really fun part of all this is that my dad, my brother and my brother's girlfriend are all going to a double-header Real Salt Lake soccer (would it be footer because it's soccer?) game tonight. In the snow. Fun for them!

Friday, April 06, 2007

Let's Boogie

It's Friday!

It's Spring!


Let's party, old school: