Wednesday, December 27, 2006


I am so over Christmas. It just hasn't been very special the last few years. Last year and the year before, I thought it had more to do with working at a Toy Store than anything else, but this year it has been... blah. I mean, it was by no means horrible. My family (what little of it there is) is here and it's nice to see them. And all the food and swag is nice. But it's just not exciting anymore. It's more stressful than anything else. And any spare moment I have has been generally spent being nostalgic for the days when Christmas was (forgive me for being cliché) magic.

And presents really have nothing to do with it. Really, neither does Santa (knowing that the jolley fat man doesn't exist. Or if he does, it's just as "an embodiment of the Chrismas spirit"). I remember years when, several day before Chrismas, I would sleep in the living room just so I could look at the lights until I fell asleep. I remember when I could hardly wait to start playing chrismas music and when it was finally close enough to the holiday, I would sing carols all day. Little things like that have been totally lost.

Maybe it will all come back when I have kids (far, far in the future). Live vicariously through the rugrats?

I've eaten way too much junk in the last few days. Time to hit the gym. Or maybe I'll just resolve to loose weight next year.

Favorite present: Boyfriend gave me Mono. It's the kissing disease, isn't it romantic?

I spent all day today shopping. Looks like I'm doing the same thing tomorrow. Today I got fun stuff that I wanted. Tomorrow I'm returning gifts and getting stuff for New Year's Eve.

Sunday (last day of 2006!) is going to be awesome! And after Sunday, things will be more awesome because I will finally be able to relax. Oh! Wait! No! I have to get Boyfriend a birthday present! Maybe I should get that done this week. Do all STUFF at once so I will have nothing to do but relax starting January 1. That would be smart.

Of course, it's just not going to happen. I can't relax next year. I have to find a full time job. And probably sign up for a class or two. But that's a whole different blog. Now I've just noticed that it's one in the morning. I need to go to bed- I have a lot of schlepping around to do tomorrow.

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Silly Kitty

Whatever she may think, Gally is not helping.

Saturday, December 23, 2006


Hooray for the days getting longer!

I want to go sledding.

Thursday, December 21, 2006


I think I may have used that title before. It fits though, every single year. And tis the season for things to fly by so fast that you have to unfocus your eyes and maintain a general state of catatonia in order to survive it.

If only it worked that way! No, quite on the contrary, it's impossible to sit still for more than a minute this time of year. What with shopping, parties, decorating, wrapping, traveling, cookings, cleaning, spreading cheer etc etc etc. I miss the time when Christmas was a nice holiday.

On the upside, there is this fun little animation that I found. I think it's funny. Yes, I'm a bit of a cynic get over it. Besides that little toon, the holiday season has brought about a little bit of everyting for me.

I just finished my Christmas shopping today. I would have done it sometime last week but I spent the last few days in New York (North Tonawanda to be exact) with my ninety-year-old-grandmother. I basically went out to fetch her. She flew back with me. Still coming out to Salt Lake for Christmas... crazy. She didn't want to fly alone so I went out for a few days and flew back with her.

Tonight I went to a dinner party. Tomorrow I'm making a cake for my family's big Christm... oh wait, we're calling it a Solstice Party now... anyway it happens on Friday. Saturday I'm hopefully going to spend some time with my boyfriend and then Sunday is Christmas eve and you know the rest. I'm also throwing together a masquerade party for New Years Eve. This means that things will not slow down for me again until next year.

Woo Fun.

Monday, December 04, 2006

OMG a quiz