Sunday, February 12, 2006

Passing as Thought

I'm considering becoming vegitarian. Not really because I think it's the moral thing to do.... I suppose it is, but if I take that stance I'd really have to go all the way and become Vegan. I'm just not willing to give up dairy products, I'm sorry. But the stuff that goes into meat these days is kinda gross and scary. I wouldn't mind if I could afford to get organic meat all the time, but that stuff is expensive and sometimes hard to find. So vegitarian seems to be the way to go. That way I avoid the yucky meat. If cheese weren't my favorite food, I'd probably go for Vegan and avoid all the yuckiness that some say is in milk too.


Anonymous said...

I use 100% pure liquid egg whites because the mix instantly in my shakes and foods without cooking egg white

Cassie the Great said...

How weird and unrelated is that comment?