Tuesday, September 19, 2006

I'm a Star!

So instead of really concentrating on reading this one book, I've been distracted for the last hour by this celebrity face match up thingy. The way it works is you upload a photo and their magic facial recognition whatever matches you up to celebrity faces. They suggest doing it with several photos to see who pops up the most.

I did it five times. The only celebrity I look like twice is

Reese Witherspoon

which isn't too bad. According to this photo I look 80% like her.

Some other interesting results were:
Princess Di
Penelope Cruz
Alicia Silverstone
John Denver
Britney Spears
Katie Holmes
Catherine Zeta Jones

I'm not sure I necessarily agree with any of them. In fact, I'd prefer to associate myself with Britney Spears as little as possible. The good news is that I only look 55% like her. I apparently look more like Jessica Simpson (78% according to one photo). Thank god it wasn't a personality match up.

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