Thursday, December 21, 2006


I think I may have used that title before. It fits though, every single year. And tis the season for things to fly by so fast that you have to unfocus your eyes and maintain a general state of catatonia in order to survive it.

If only it worked that way! No, quite on the contrary, it's impossible to sit still for more than a minute this time of year. What with shopping, parties, decorating, wrapping, traveling, cookings, cleaning, spreading cheer etc etc etc. I miss the time when Christmas was a nice holiday.

On the upside, there is this fun little animation that I found. I think it's funny. Yes, I'm a bit of a cynic get over it. Besides that little toon, the holiday season has brought about a little bit of everyting for me.

I just finished my Christmas shopping today. I would have done it sometime last week but I spent the last few days in New York (North Tonawanda to be exact) with my ninety-year-old-grandmother. I basically went out to fetch her. She flew back with me. Still coming out to Salt Lake for Christmas... crazy. She didn't want to fly alone so I went out for a few days and flew back with her.

Tonight I went to a dinner party. Tomorrow I'm making a cake for my family's big Christm... oh wait, we're calling it a Solstice Party now... anyway it happens on Friday. Saturday I'm hopefully going to spend some time with my boyfriend and then Sunday is Christmas eve and you know the rest. I'm also throwing together a masquerade party for New Years Eve. This means that things will not slow down for me again until next year.

Woo Fun.

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