Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Running, Jumping, Climbing Trees

The problem with going on adventures is that I get busy doing that and can't find time to blog about it. This wouldn't really be a problem (because living life is better than writing about it any day) except my readers seems to get cranky if I don't post often enough. It's both flattering and annoying.

Anyway, this last weekend I was as far from my computer as I can get, sort of. I went camping at Dead Horse Point with a bunch of friends. It was a lot of fun. I learned something about myself: my idea of camping is not exactly compatible with other people.

When I go camping, I like to take as little as possible and spend as much time as I can hiking and exploring. Especially being where we were, with Dead Horse Point, Canyonlands and Arches right at our fingertips, my ideal weekend would have been getting up early, having a quick breakfast, packing a lunch and hiking until I couldn't walk and then doing it again the next day.

I understand that it's a little unreasonable to expect a group of 8 people to really be able to do that, but this weekend was almost the complete opposite of that. We did manage to get up early, but then it took 2 hours for us all to make and eat breakfast each day. Breakfast tended to consist of something elaborate and messy (albeit delicious) that used up every dish we brought. Then some of the people I was with couldn't handle hiking more than about 5 miles a day. I feel like I spent most of the first day hopping from foot to foot waiting to get out hiking and then being disappointed by the silly little walks we went on.

That's a little bit of an exageration, but it really was frustrating. At some point I decided to take a zen approach to it all and just go with what the group wanted to do. I was still a little understimulated, but I managed to have fun anyway. It was sort of neat to do the more touristy side of Arches- we usually don't bother with all that. It was also kind of nice to force myself to sit still for a while and just do nothing while everyone else was dinking around. Plus it's always rejuvenating to get down to southern Utah.

Here's the whole gang:


veganaron said...

HA! Tourist... ehehehehehehehehehe. :D

Shlee said...

IM jealous!!
I am like you when it comes to camping.. FYI

Cassie the Great said...

Note to self: Next time I go camping, invite Shlee. And other people who know how to do it right.

Anonymous said...

There are a variety of convenient, small, lightweight laptops with powerful batteries on the market these days ...

Technically, zen does not mean laid-back, but I know what you mean.

More seriously, I also used to enjoy those long hikes, but gradually the hikes became walks and 'camping' became sitting around a fire all night drinking various beverages.

- Rusty

Cassie the Great said...

I have a lap top. And I often have it with me. It just throws things off if I stop to write about something right in the middle of doing.

I'm all for consumption of various beverages, specifically beer, around the fire. I just think it should be after the killer hikes.

Anonymous said...

And a killer hike should start at sunrise and end at sundown!

Cassie the Great said...

Not quite that killer, but close. Maybe an hour after and an hour or two before, respectively. And it depends on the time of year.

Anonymous said...

It kinda sucks when you go with a big group of people and not everyone wants to do the same thing as you! Maybe you should find a group of friends that will do the same things as you!:)