Friday, October 03, 2008

Do Your Part

This is a great video that's been going around the interwebs:

If you haven't registered yet, go out and do it now! With the country going to shit, it irresponsible to not pay attention to what's going on in Washington. I'm not the most political person you'll ever meet, but I'm following the news and forming my own opinions. It's time my generation sat up and started to give a damn about our future.


veganaron said...

Don't worry I'm not voting. Ask me about it. :)

Cassie the Great said...

Why are you not voting?

veganaron said...

Put simply, no one but me can make my decisions for me. If I vote I'm letting someone else decide for me what I can and can't say/do/be/etc. By not voting I'm not "passing the buck" as it were. But I do not limit my political actions to simply not voting. That is a far more interesting question.... See my blog. :D