Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Proud American

Obama has officially been president for about an hour now.

I listened to his speech on the radio. I would have watched it, but I don't have a television. I know I could have seen it online, but I happened to be in the car on my way to get groceries.

I can't remember the last time I had any faith in my country or the administration.

It's wonderful to have an articulate president. I truly believe that he will be able to do a world of good for our country.

I'm not naive enough to think that he will change things overnight. It's going to be really hard to undo all the things that the Bush administration did. I have faith that Obama can get things done though and that he will change our country for the better.

I suppose there were times when I was little that I was proud to be an American. Patriotism is instilled in us in elementary school, right? I feel like I have never in my adult, or even young-adult (read teenage) years, really truly felt patriotic. The 4th of July has been a nice break from school and work. I always enjoy fireworks, but I scoff at the people parading around in red, white and blue and roll my eyes at the pomp of the patriotic music.

Today I am, for the first time in years, not wishing that I lived in Canada or Europe. I won't say that the grass is suddenly greener on my side of the fence, but I can see the fertilizer and the new seed that will make it lush and verdant again. I am actually happy to be a citizen of the United States today. It's a very strange feeling.


veganaron said...

If Obama were really to effect change he would never have been 'elected' in the first place. Now that is my feeling toward his politics only, the fact that for the first time in it's history the United (sic) States has a black, lets not forget, MAN for a president is an important step but that does not give him a get out of jail free card for continuing to support Israel and it's genocide of the people of Gaza and Palestine, nor his continued support of economic and social oppression at home. Nothing has changed because the system is still the same. But at the same time something important has happened.

It's good to see a black first family but the fact there is such a thing as a "first family" is a real and true problem that I will never get over.

Cassie the Great said...

*sigh* Aaron, I knew you would have something to say about this. You stinky anarchist. I'm not saying the system is perfect, and I'm not saying that Obama is going to fix everything. I just think he's going to be able to undo some of the bad that the previous administration did. It's kind of refreshing to not be completely cynical about the government.

veganaron said...

Even if I weren't an Anarchist I'd still hold Pres. Obama accountable for his short comings. As tempting as it is to just be happy Bush is out it's not enough.