Sunday, March 08, 2009

Who Watched the Watchmen?

I did, on Friday. I liked it.

There are enough reviews out there and I don't really feel like adding my own two sense. I agree with most of them anyway so I would just be redundant. I thought it was a good movie. It followed the graphic novel very closely, but a lot of what makes the novel so great just didn't translate to the film. Still, it was visually very stunning. I will probably see it a few more times.

For my friends who have also seen it, and read the book and are totally geeking out about it, I am about to blow your mind:

It makes me laugh. It also makes me scratch my head and say "huh?" My theory is that whoever decided to make this cartoon just looked at the pictures in the book and didn't, you know, read it.

My favorite parts:
Rorschach: "I'm nutty!"
"John can give you cancer and then turn into a car"
Remember how the Comedian is Silk Specter's father? That makes this little show even more disturbing.

Seriously! WTF


Anonymous said...

I read the graphic novel years ago. I enjoyed most of it, but felt that it lost its way about two thirds of the way through.

So I am tempted to see the movie, but ...

- Rusty

veganaron said...

Why would you do this to me?!!!

Tim Hinkle said...

I think the Silk Spectre in the silly cartoon is Silk Spectre's mother, as my understanding is the title was passed from mother to daughter.

Cassie the Great said...

Aaron - Because it was done to me and misery loves company. You should have seen Clea's face when I showed her!

Tim- The title was passed down, but I'm pretty sure this is Silk Spectre II, which makes the Comedian thing super creepy. She's hanging out with Dr Manhattan, and the rest of the guys are 2nd generation watchmen.