Friday, June 25, 2010

Listy Things

Top 5 Things I Miss About London (in no particluar order)

3. The Tube - more specificly, public transportation that actually takes you places you want to go, and quickly

2. The plethora of opportunities to participate in the arts - museums, theater, opera, symphony, concerts

5. All the markets

1. European Men - Holy cats! Do those guys know how to dress! They always look fantastic. Guys here in the states are super shlubby by comparison

4. Having the rest of Europe at my fingertips. Granted, I didn't travel all that much, but it was there.

Top 5 Things I'm Really Happy About at Home (in no particular order)

4. My friends and my family. I missed them.

2. My bed! The beds at Regent's, where we stayed, were not very comfortable. Plus they were small and the quilt barely covered the mattress. I'm so happy to have my nice, big (comparitively) double, soft mattress and all my pillows and my lovely soft sheets.

1. My own room. My roommates in London were very nice. I like having my own space though.

3. Bacon!

5. Ice!

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