Thursday, January 05, 2006

Adventures in Kamas

Yesterday I went adventuring. It wasn't meant to be adventurous so much as just snow-shoeing up in the Uinta Mts, but it didn't work out that way.

Snow-shoeing, some might say, is an adventure in and of itself. This may be true, especially when you're going with Jacob and he tries to knock snow on your head every time you pass under a tree. Really though, it's just snow-shoeing. It was a lot of fun. Not the best conditions - a little cloudy and a bit windy and the snow was deep fresh powder. Would have been perfect for skiing.

When we got back to the car the adventure really began. Someone (me) accidentally left the lights on so the car wouldn't start. Of course we were up in the mountains so there was no cell phone reception. So we had to depend on the kindness of strangers. We flagged down the next truck that went by. The guy didn't have cables (to jump the car) but he offered to give us a ride into town where we could call someone at least. So we rode back to Kamas with this really nice family that just moved to Francis from CA to get away from everything, well, Californian.

The Cali family dropped us off at a gas station and I called Dad. He said that we should ask at the gas station if they had a truck or something they could send up to jump the car. If they didn't have something, he (Dad) would come up but in that case we would be stranded in Kamas for about 2 hrs.

As a side note, those who don't know, Kamas is more or less a three block town. This is actually a recent development, I can remember when it was a one block town. It now has two stop lights. When I was little, it only had one stop sign. Anyway, despite it's tripling in size in the last 13 yrs or so, it's not a very entertaining town. They have an antique store and two restaraunts.... maybe a cafe somewhere. Not a lot to do if you're stranded there.

Because the gas station clerk didn't look very nice and the station itself didn't look like it would have anything to do with tow trucks, Jacob and I decided we might to better to ask at the Auto-parts store accross the street. They didn't have anything but a random guy standing in line offered to go get his truck and take us up if we would just wait 10 minutes. So we rode back up to the car with this guy who drives a logging truck (or something) and has lived in Kamas his entire life. The car started no problem with help from his truck's battery.

So that was my adventure. The people up in Kamas sure are nice.

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