Sunday, April 02, 2006


BabyRuth candy bars are yummy. And notoriously very turd like. Consider the movie Caddy Shack. Now you are almost certainly thinking to yourself "man that was so funny when the baby ruth bar was in the pool and everybody thought it was doodie and they ran around screaming and then they had to clean the whole pool and then bill murray finds the candy bar and he eats it and that's totally gross because everyone thought it doodie and because it was in a pool for a long time and that's bound to make a candy bar less delicious than in it's natural state." (eveyone thinks in run-on sentences, you just don't notice it)
I'm here to assure you that stuff like that only happens in movies. If you actually look at a baby ruth, you'll notice that it really doesn't look much like poo at all. And, if you're still not convinced that throwing a baby ruth into the pool will NOT cause uber chaos, consider this: Poo does gross things in water, like break apart, chocolate doesn't. That is all.


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