Saturday, July 22, 2006

Girls Rock Your Boys

I've been on a total 80s hair band trip all week. I had "Cum On Feel the Noise" (Quiet Riot, if you don't know) stuck in my head all day. It started to get annoying. Now I'm Listening to Lita Ford. Does that really count as a hair band? It was on a CD called "80s Hair Metal" (or something like that) that I almost bought earlier this week.

My quest this week is to find a kicky hat-box. It may last more than just this week because I'm not sure I have time to really look for one. I'm not so into shopping these days and those are an odd item.

I think next time I post I will do so in a color that you can only read it you highlight it. That would be fun. Ha ha ha ha ha ha. I think all this heat is going to my head.

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