Monday, March 12, 2007

Blood! Guts! Glass!

I just lived through a minor disaster at work. Granted, it was not very disasterous and the only one who could have possibly been hurt was me, but still.

I'm working as a receptionist now (yeah, very challenging work, but hey, it pays well and it's a fun office) so I sit at a desk and answer phones all day. I have a fairly large desk in the entrance of the building above which there are three hanging lights. These lights have about ten inch high cylidrical glass shades.

About ten minutes ago, one of these shades, specifically the one directly above my head, came off and crashed onto my desk. It missed my head by a few inches but shattered all over my desktop.

The good news is that I'm totally fine. I had a little shard of glass lodged in my hand and a few little cuts, but over all, I'm just peachy keen. It does bother me a little that it happened at all. And if I had been leaning foward at all, it would have given me a good conk on the head.

I'm a little wary now of the remaining two lights.

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