Friday, August 31, 2007

Sometimes a Hippo is Just a Hippo

I had a strange dream last night. I don't remember most of it. It was sort of like one of movies where there are several story lines that you follow. They sort of parallel each other, but are actually related (like Love Actually). Anyway, I just remember bits and pieces of most of the stories, but one scene really stuck in my head.

A small child was eaten by a large hippopotamus.

It was a lot like Jaws but without the shark.

So tell me, Dr Freud, what does it all mean?


Anonymous said...

Vell, to begin with you do mention love in your post, so that could be ze Freudian slip, ya? - telling you that you are feeling overwhelmed (devoured) by whatever love affair you are currently involved in.

Or, the child could represent your id being devoured by your superego, thus representing your uncertainties regarding your future as you move into adulthood and away from ze innocence of childhood. Sound good, ya?

Or it could mean you are pregnant lol.

Or, it might mean you vent to bed verrry hungry.

Have und good evening Fraulien. Glad I could help. (That will be 300 dollars lol).


Cassie the Great said...

That's brilliant! Thank you Dr Freud! Let's see, I'm not currently involved in a love affair, I'm not pregnant, I don't think I was hungry when I went to bed, but I could have been. If I wasn't hungry, It must be the second one. I think to release my id I should go dance naked under the full moon or something super primative and wild.