Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Farewell to Summer

Labor day is the unofficial end of summer, right? Even though school started (for me and many others) two weeks ago, thus ending Summer Vacation, and the weather continues to be impossibly hot, it's time to start thinking autumnal thoughts. So now is the start of swimming pools closing, summer concert series' ending and sweaters showing up in department stores. Labor day isn't really much more than a long weekend. A very good long weekend.

I took advantage of the free day away from work by trekking down to Durango, CO with my dad. It was our convertible/beer trip that we've been meaning to take since I turned 21. We just haven't managed to find the time.

Durango has a couple breweries that make very delicious beer. You have to understand that the beer part of the trip was all about quality, not quantity. We only had three pints each the whole trip. I brought quite a lot of beer home with me though. You can't really get good (not 3.2) beer in Utah. Just don't tell anyone in charge here, it's only slightly illegal to bring foreign beer into the state.

Besides studying the brewing arts of Colorado, Dad and I narrowly missed a meteor shower near Moab, wandered around Mesa Verde for most of Sunday, nearly froze to death (we had the top down and it was about 48°) going from Durango to Silverton and Uray, ate a lot of food and got a little sun. It was a long weekend well spent.

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