Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Blues on Parade

This week has started out rather harshly. Moment to moment it has not been too bad, but there seems to be a slew of bad news that has popped up.

The thing that has upset me most is my cat. She's old (15) and has hyper-thyroid and on Saturday she was out all night and then she wasn't eating at all Sunday or Monday. She was such a sad sight we were sure we'd have to put her to sleep. For various reasons, we weren't able to get an appointment to euthanize her right away. Then yesterday she ate a little so we decided to wait and see if she kept improving. Today she's eating a little more and is more like her vocal annoying self. So things are kind of up in the air about her. Hopefully she's rallying, but she is a very old cat so who knows what will happen. I really hope we don't have to kill my kitty. Worrying about her and about what would be the best thing to do has cast a sad note on the week for me.

That's the most personal bit of news. It seems like bad things are happening all over the place though. I feel like all I hear about is people getting sick or dying or losing their jobs. It's all very depressing. Most of it doesn't really affect me directly, which is why I'm more upset about my cat than death and disease and unemployment. Still it's worrisome and it doesn't do anything to cheer a person up.


Anonymous said...

It the cat becomes ill I'd make an appointment to have her examined - i.e. a checkup. It may be something medicine could cure. Don't think of ethunasia until/unless a vet tells you that what ails the cat has no cure (and it's very weak and ill). Cats can sometimes live 18-20 years. The rare one even longer.

Cassie the Great said...

The thing is, she's been sick for a while. She's on medication, but it doesn't seem to be doing much good. We figured she was just finally shutting down. But, like I said, she's getting better so... we'll see. Obviously we'd have a vet check her out before doing anything completely drastic. We'll take her in to see what the vet says sometime this week. You should have seen her though on Sunday, it was so sad! She could barely lift her head.

veganaron said...

So not to be a dick about Kitty, but why aren't you posting to your Bike Blog? I'm glad your dad is but DAMN!

Cassie the Great said...

Dude, Aaron, you fail at commenting! If you're going to complain about me not posting on my other blog, do it on my other blog!!!! Anyway, you don't have much room to talk Mr I-Update-My-Blog-Only-Once-A-Month-If-That. I say Pshaw to you!!!!