Friday, July 11, 2008


As many of you know, today is 7/11 and that means it is Free Slurpee Day!!!!!

Free Slurpee day is an event not to be taken lightly. It takes true dedication, endurance and awesomism to fully do this day justice. This year my friend, Nick, and I set off on a quest to hit as many 7-elevens and consume as many slurpees as possible in one afternoon. This is our story:

Slurpee #1- University of Utah Sev; My flavor: Coke; Nick's flavor: Coke

Slurpee #2 - Sev by East High; My flavor: Monster Death Grossness (it turned my tongue black) Nick's flavor: Mt Dew

Slurpee #3 - I told you the Monster slurpee turned my tongue black. Sev on 800S and 200E; My flavor: Mango Tea (so the mysteriously handwritten sign said) Nick had the same.

Slurpee #4 - Sev on 800S and W Temple. My flavor: Pina Colada Nick's: Monster Death (doesn't it look gross?)

Slurpee #5 - Sev by Liberty Park; I got Sour Apple Nick got Pina Colada.

Sev at 500E and 1700S failed. They were out of cups. Weak Sauce.

Slurpee #6- Sev 1100E and 1700ish S; Nick had Cherry, I had Banana.

Slurpee #7 - Sev on 3rd Ave; We both had Slurparita Pomegranite. It didn't taste like margarita or pomegranite. I think they mayhave lied to us.

Slurpee #8 - Sev on 300E and 100S; We both had Twizzler Strawberry. It was really sweet and since our teeth were falling out of our heads anyway at this point, really sweet was not so good.

Sev by the downtown library failed. They were out of cups. Sad day.

Slupree #9- 300W and 400N; Both had Green Hulk whatever flavor. Nine slurpees = too many.

Nine 7.11 oz slurpees each. That is a lot of slurpee. That means we each had 64oz. All in the span of about 2 1/2 hours. This is what happens:


veganaron said...

So was this part of your plan to reclaim adventurous?

Cassie the Great said...

Sort of, I guess. But we were planning to do this long before adventurous needed to be reclaimed. I guess it's more part of my absolutely refusing to grow up!