Friday, November 14, 2008

Hit That Jive

I've had a busy last couple days. On Tuesday I conspired with my friend, Jake, to take over the U Swing Club. Yesterday we talked to the current president and... well, Jake is now officially the president of the U of U Swing Kids and I'm the V.P.

Today we took care of all the official stuff. Paperwork and all with people on campus.

We have big plans. It's going to be awesome!

That is all.

You may call me Madame Vice President.


veganaron said...

Congrats on your coup.

Shani said...

Now, how do we make 'Hail to the Chief' a song you can lindy to?

Anonymous said...

Congrats. I'm sure you'll be a great vp. So why did the last Prez quit?

Also: Whoa, it's Wednesday morning and no new post!?

- Rusty

Cassie the Great said...

Thanks guys!
Shan - That would be awesome! Hey, you're musical, you should write an swingin' arrangement!

Rusty - The old prez was sort of president by default. He got the job because, at the time, no one else wanted to do it. He's been head-dude for quite a while. So our people's revolt was pretty much Jake saying "Hey, you've been president for a while, how 'bout I give it a go, eh?" and that was that. Except Jake doesn't talk like that.