Sunday, February 08, 2009

1. 2. 3. 4. a Follow Up

I refused to do the 25 random things about myself (I am working on 100 things though. I've gotten to 65... it's harder than it looks. I don't think I'm going to share that list with the internet). Shan left me this lovely gem in the comments though and I just couldn't resist. It makes me laugh.

Rules: Once you’ve been tagged, make up 25 facts, habits, goals, philosophical principles, recipes, shell scripts, sestinas, web comics, stained glass windows, or rotating bow ties. At the end, choose 25 people to “tag,” which is to say, draw on with cans of spray paint. When you have finished your “tags,” “Twitter” the results to your “Facebook” and run away.

1. You only give money to homeless people if they have an interesting sign

2. Whenever you eat broccoli you imagine that you are a huge monster and you are eating actual trees.

3. You sometimes will follow complete strangers in your car just to see how paranoid they will get about someone following them.

4. When you were six you got a carrot stuck up your nose.

5. You really believe that twisting off an apple stem will tell you the initial of the person you will fall in love with.

6. Your mother was once arrested for assault but the charges were dropped.

7. You eat onions raw, like apples.

8. You occasionally have psychic flashes, but they are always about useless and mundane things, like the color socks your best friend will wear on Tuesday.

9. You wore water wings at the pool until you were 8. When you finally took them off, you discovered you were actually an excellent swimmer and joined a swim team.

10. You spent the summer after high school "liberating" garden gnomes and flamingos. You still have them all stored in your parent's basement.

11. You read all the cartoons in the New Yorker even though you almost never think they're actually funny.

12. You're secretly a big fan of Rick Astley and get a thrill out of being rickroll'd.

13. You have a (very) irrational fear of wearing the color Orange.

14. You spent most of 8th grade wearing all black and listening to your walkman (because ipods weren't around then). People assumed you were listening to goth rock or something, but it was actually KC and the Sunshine Band

15. You have a collection of fast food kid's meal toys from when you were a kid.

16. You never get around to doing laundry until you only have one pair of clean underwear left

17. You are addicted to Barq's Red Cream Soda. You always have one box in your fridge and one in the pantry. When one runs out you start to panic a little and go to the store as soon as you can.

18. You cried when you got home after dissecting a frog in biology class because you felt like you were hurting the frog every time you cut into it.

19. You dyed your hair blonde once and did not have more fun.

20. You have the perfect murder all planned out, you just haven't found someone who deserves to die by your hand.

21. You don't actually see anything wrong with wearing socks with sandals, but you don't do it anyway because your significant other raved at you for an hour last time you did.

22. You were an extra in a Touched By an Angel episode that never aired

23. You don't have pets because you are allergic to dogs, always feel rejected around cats and iguanas are just not very good for petting.

24. You don't go on dates because you are allergic to girls, always feel rejected around boys and hermaphrodites are just not very good for petting.

25. You actually called a number you found written on a bathroom wall. The person didn't answer and you chickened out about leaving a message.

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Anonymous said...

Amusing, but the lists with a personal connection have more 'oomph'.


Cassie the Great said...

I was going for amusement, not oomph. I bet if you looked for it, you could find oomph elsewhere in my older posts.

Anonymous said...

That's just it. For a lesser blogger this list is fine, but you have set a standard for yourself that this list is unequal to.

A list of witty remarks and references with personal connections is far better.

Of course, if you wish to be known as Cassie the ok from now on ... ;)


Cassie the Great said...