Friday, February 13, 2009

Rusty Made Me Do It

Rusty didn't like my list of completely random things about not me. He threatened to take away my "the great" title. I can't have that. So here you go, a list of 48 random things about me:

1. I have very weird feet. My second and third toes are longer than my big toe, and the next one is just as long.

2. I’ve been searching for the perfect pair of green shoes for a little more than two years.

3. I am completely terrified of yellow jacket wasps.

4. When I can’t sleep I memorize poetry

5. I have Wegener’s Granulomatosis.

6. I used to have a really bad lisp. I’m afraid it will come back someday

7. I own 22 pairs of sunglasses

8. I had back surgery for scoliosis when I was 13.

9. My favorite constellation is Corona Borealis

10. I have been in love with Errol Flynn since I was 6 years old. He is the absolute coolest actor/action hero/all around dude who ever lived.

11. Until I was 17 everyone thought I was older than I actually was. Now they think I’m younger than I am. I think for a while I was in a hurry to grow up; then at some point I decided I wanted to stop. Somehow that seemed to reflect on my physical appearance.

12. I have been in love twice. The first love loved me back. The second did not. They are both married now. The first one doesn’t talk to me anymore. The second does sometimes

13. I have made a point my whole life to not develop a Utah accent. I think I’ve done well. I do, however, sometime slip into a New York accent. I’ve never lived in New York. I’ve visited a few times and my mother grew up there.

14. Because of my back, I can never go skydiving. This is one of the great disappointments of my life.

15. I abhor Valentines Day. I think it is the stupidest, least romantic holiday in the history of holidays. I like it even less when I have a boyfriend. I fully believe romance should be spontaneous. There is nothing romantic about a day set aside just for romance.

16. I think better when I’m walking. If I have something I need to work out, I will go on a very long walk. After I’ve figured it out, I will usually write about it in my journal.

17. I once closed my right middle finger in a door. The fingernail fell off and grew back funny. I also hold my pens oddly because I got used to writing without that finger.

18. I have a list of every guy I have ever kissed, including random one-time drunk kisses. There are 43 names on that list; that is a lot. I like kissing.

19. My eyes change color depending on what I’m wearing. When I wear a certain green shirt of mine, my eyes turn exactly the same color. I like when my eyes are green more than when they are blue.

20. Until recently I’ve never had any long lasting quality friendships. I tend to go from one group of friends to another without even really noticing that I’ve completely made the switch. I think I still do it (I’m kind of in the process of moving into my third group of friends in 5 years), but I’ve kept a few very important friendships from old groups.

21. I never had a best friend until just a few years ago.

22. I am always disappointed with Cajun food. I get excited when I order it and expect to like it a lot, but I never do. I don’t know why.

23. I envy people with strong religious beliefs. They have something special that I think must be very comforting when life gets difficult. I haven’t joined any religion though because I can’t believe the mythologies that are out there. They just don’t make sense to me. I would feel like a great hypocrite going through the motions without actually having faith.

24. I hate, hate, hate romantic comedies. This is a loathing that I has just developed in the last year or two.

25. I am not ticklish anywhere except one spot on my lower back. I am very ticklish there if you do it just right.

26. I believe in reincarnation. I’m not sure there’s really a purpose for it, but I’m positive it happens.

27. I always have my toenails painted

28. I have, at various points in my life, had a crush on six different Newsies (Jack Kelly, Spot Conlon, Mush, Kid Blink, Specs and Dutchy).

29. I never had a crush on a teacher until my freshman year of college when I fell totally in like with my physics professor.

30. I can never remember the difference between lay/lie lain/laid so I usually avoid using those worlds. I always “set the book on the table” rather than “lay the book on the table.”

31. I have proclaimed that I will not date a guy who isn’t taller than me. The guys I’m most attracted to are usually very tall. Most of my boyfriends have been on the shorter side – my height or just an inch or two taller.

32. The night before I started high school, I decided that I was going to keep a journal. I had tried a few times earlier in life, but was never able to keep it up for more than a month or so. Since that day though I have written fairly regularly and now I have 17 full notebooks covering the last 10 years. It’s a great therapy for me. I go a little nuts if I stop writing for more than a couple weeks.

33. Every time someone uses the (non)word “funner” I die a little inside

34. I read my first Shakespeare play (Midsummer Night’s Dream) the summer before 7th grade. I don’t think I understood most of it, but I’ve been mildly obsessed with The Bard ever since and have read 15 of his plays and will undoubtedly read more. Eventually I’m sure I will have read them all.

35. The first CD I ever purchased was Ace of Base The Sign

36. I really enjoy cheese

37. I think humans have a natural tendency toward hypocrisy. I try my best not to be hypocritical. I’m not perfect about it, but I really do try. I will forgive people almost any offense unless it is blatantly hypocritical.

38. I’m usually a very social person and I really enjoy spending time with friends. I also really value my alone time and occasionally have to retreat and spend a day or two by myself reading (or sometimes writing).

39. When I was little I didn’t have imaginary friends, but I had imaginary children. Their names were Zoe (the E is silent) and Cassie (I guess I have always been very self-centered. But if guys can name their kids after themselves, why can’t I? She was like Cassie Jr). They grew up much faster than normal kids. By the time I was 10, Zoe was in jail and Cassie was getting her PhD. They never even called home anymore, such ungrateful kids!

40. I don’t want to have real kids. I’m not completely dead set against it – if I meet the right guy, fall madly in love, and he really wants kids, I can probably be talked into it. The more I think about it though, the less procreating appeals to me. The slew of recent pregnancies among my friends has made me want kids even less.

41. I have names picked out for the kids I don’t want to have: Andromeda (Andi for short) for a girl and Orion (Ryan for short) for a boy.

42. I really hate armpits. I think they are ugly and disgusting. I really hate when people touch mine, not because I’m ticklish there, but because I think it’s gross.

43. I am fascinated with language

44. I have better than perfect vision

45. I collect thimbles.

46. I wrote a wikihow article about walking in high heels. I did it anonymously though so you will never know if you’re reading the one authored by me. Except that I just linked to it. Damn.

47. I frequently have bruises on my legs (and sometimes other places) but I don’t know how I get them. I think I may kick myself in my sleep. More likely, I run into things all the time and forget/don't notice.

48. I’m convinced that I should have been a red head. I think it fits my personality and red hair is actually in my family, not too far back. Unfortunately nature decided I would be a brunette. That’s why they make hair dye.

There! Are you happy now Rusty? Does that have Ooomph? Actually, it was really easy to do. I just copied the list of 100 random things that I'm working on (I'm up to number 75) and erased the ones that were not appropriate. I have family that reads this blog; there are some thing they don't need to know.


Anonymous said...

Much better.
You are Great!

Twenty-seven items that are inappropriate? Wow. That in itself tells us a lot. ;)


Cassie the Great said...

It does indeed. But, to be fair, only a handful of that 27 were inappropriate for my family to read. The rest were things I don't easily share with friends, let alone anonymous masses on the internet. Because the 3 people who ever read my blog can be counted as masses....

Shani said...

I am a mass all by myself, right? Fact of physics!

veganaron said...

"You're all doomed, you're all doomed!" - Crazy Old Guy in "Friday the 13th Prt 2"

Anonymous said...

All three of we, the anonymous masses, commenting on the same post at (nearly) the same time! Cool!


Tim Hinkle said...

My son's name is Orion. We call him O for short.

Cassie the Great said...

Shani - Of course you are. Physics FTW

Aaron - ...

Rusty - The masses are rising up! I was shocked when I checked my e-mail today and it told me I had a billion (or 4) new comments on this post. It's that it happened though. You guys should comment at the same time (roughly) every time I blog!

Tim - That is wicked awesome.