Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Are You Still There?

Or perhaps it's more appropriate to ask if I'm still here. But I don't need to ask that question because wherever I am, I am there. Tautology FTW.

I miss writing. The compulsion to write is still present, and there's at least one moment every day that I say to myself, "I should sit down and write as soon as I get home." Of course once I get home, I get right down to not writing.

I have lots of not writing to get done right now, but I thought I'd pop in on my blog and let the internet know that I'm still here. And to catch the virtual world up on my life.

I've just graduated. That's my big news. Well, really, technically, I haven't officially graduated yet. Grades are posted on the 16th. Assuming I've passed all my classes (which I have, with mostly flying colors) that's when I will actually graduate. That's when they'll mail my diploma. The point is, I never have to take another undergraduate class again. Yay!

Other things that have happened in the last... 8 (shit) months:
I went to DC for a Lindy Echange and it was fantastic. Words: Battle of Big Bands.
I've started DJing swing dances. That's fun.
I'm about to (hopefully) start DJing Blues events.
I've become very disappointed with my health/weight and have intentions to fix that.
I've been single all year. But I'm now on kissing terms with a new boy. He's nice, but not terribly exciting. I hope he never has a reason to read this.

I hope I will get around to writing more now that I don't have to worry about class. I've been considering making this blog some sort of themed thing. I like the idea of making it a collection of lists. Or maybe, if I do that, I should start a fresh blog.

Anyway, I miss writing.

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veganaron said...

Strange that on the same day you post a new blog post, I read it.