Friday, December 31, 2010

Auld Lang Whatever

Well, the end of 2010 has come. Time for reflection and what not.

This year has really been a great one. Granted the last few months have not been spectacular, what with the car being wrecked and I've been in kind of a funk all December. Being dumped sucked some serious balls too.

But those were really the only two really bad things that happened. And the good things that happened this year were really fucking fantastic. I went to LONDON! I got the job that I wanted and it is a good job. I did very well in school this semester... which reminds me, I have to post pictures of the books I made in my Book Binding class. Plus, the boyfriend thing was really nice while it lasted. As crappy as it was when it was over, I was really happy while it lasted. I think that happiness was worth the pain that followed.

I'm not going to do too much reflecting about the year. I think what I've already posted pretty well covers it. 2010 was wonderful! I hope 2011 is just as good if not better. It will be hard to beat London though.

2010 was not a good year for blogging though, was it? Only 23 posts this year. Well, I don't expect that trend to change much. Even with the infrequency of my updates, I've posted more than most of my friends who have blogs. I think it's kind of a dying art. With twitter and facebook facilitating really short updates about the minutiae of our days, blogging seems redundant. And reading more than 140 characters is hard with our shortened attention spans. I'm not giving up on this old girl just yet, but I'm not optimistic that I'll post very often. It may turn into more of a tumblr type blog. I'll just post little things and link and pictures and things. I don't know. I guess we all have to just wait and find out.

Happy New Year everyone!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Cassie. I'm glad to hear that things have gone well for you. Blogging may be a dying art, but I think it is still the best forum when someone really has something to say. Vlogging sometimes replicates that, buy I see that most vlogs are people doing comedy or song or posting odd random video.

I have noticed that the posting rate on blogs, like vlogs, declines when the original inspiration or purpose of the site is no longer relevant. But I hope you keep posting, you may find a renewed purpose one day, and even occasional posts have purpose as long as you feel you have something to communicate.

Twitter I like less as time goes by. It is filled with people promoting their business or tweeting trite sayings and advice just for the sake of posting. I am sometimes guilty of that myself.

I see this comment is far too long, so I will stop there and say adieu.