Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Round and Round and Round

Carnivals are wonderful things. You have to be in the right mind set to thouroughly enjoy them. You have to think that it's novel and exciting to waste money, experience motion sickness and risk your life on rides that could easily fall apart and kill you. This last weekend there was a little carnival in a mall parking lot. I decided to go with a few friends. One of them, we'll call her Thing 1, went all out with me and wasted $17 on a wrist band that let us go on unlimited rides. We took full advantage and went on everything once and one (the Gravitron) twice. Horton and Cindy Lou Who only bought 4 tickets and only went on one ride. It was brilliant. I thought it was well worth the $17 bucks and am only disappointed that I didn't have enough cash to buy over-priced cotton candy and try to win a giant teddy bear by throwing a baseball at rigged milk bottles.

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