Thursday, June 16, 2005


I saw two movies this week. Probably the same two as everyone else. Tuesday night I went to Mr and Mrs Smith. I have to say I liked it quite a lot. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are both very hot and they had nice chemistry. It was a funny movie with lots of explosions and shooting. It was brilliant. Last night I saw Batman Begins. Also very good, though there were a few more plot holes. If YoU hAvE nOt SeEn It, YoU mAy WaNt To StOp ReAdInG. Like they forgot to give the antidote to the scarecrow's poison that was making half of Gotham crazy insane. And how did the Bat manage to call swarms of bats to him? Yes, he had a sonar thingy in his boot, but come on! That so wouldn't work and he's still afraid of bats thoughout the movie so making a dramatic getaway with them flocking around his head should have been traumatic beyond all reason. The Scarecrow was awesome, I have to say. And the (sequel alert!) Joker bit at the end was exciting. Kinda like when, at the end of X2, you saw Peonix in the water. Christian Bale was brilliant as Bruce and Michale Cane IS Alfred. Good show. Plus it had more character development than you expect from a big summer movie.

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Joemama said...

Hi there Cassie. I like the your color choice and the design of your blog alot.

You need to break your writing into paragraphs so it is a little easier to read though.

Batman sounds like an interesting movie and I am going to check it out next week. I hope the acting is decent this time. But I guess anything will be better then Batman and Robin.