Friday, June 10, 2005

May The Force Be with You

So, at work (I bet you all miss hearing about the toystore) we have these little Joe Bender things (little magnetic posable people guys). We have four or five just floating around the front counter, generally on either of the two steel posts that seem to help hold the ceiling up. One day I was working and had nothing particularly to do so I made two little light sabers (from ribbon, tape and stickers. I'm very crafty) for the two benders that were findable at the time. The red bender with the pigtails got a blue light saber and the blue guy got a red saber. It made sense at the time. Over the next week, their positions changed as an epic battle was fought on the pole. On that Saturday, another bender (this one blue AND green) showed up and Lucy asked me how I made the light sabers. So I gave a demonstration and made a purple light saber. So then we had a random Jedi, Samuel L Jackson (Mace Windu!! Insists Clint) and a random Bad Guy. Sometime last week, someone (pretty sure it was Clint) made a cloak for the bad guy. Now we have a random Jedi, Samuel L Jackson (Mace Windu!!! It bugs Clint to call him by the actor not the character) and Darth Sidious. It's kinda neat, but sad that we a) took the time to do all that and b) are so amused by it. Oh well, that's what we get.

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Apollo said...

We sell the same benders (i work at a different kind of toy store, outdoor gear). They seem to float around the store with no real purpose. Maybe its time to give them some purpose. Jedi seems like an admirable occupation for these otherwise bored little guys.