Sunday, January 14, 2007


One of the secretaries at my boyfriend's work sent the following to everyone who works there:


Well i just want to send an email out to ask everyone if they could just let me know when it is that they get in to work to let me know that you are in because some times i dont see eveyone come in and then i call your phones and it rings or your on the other line or just away from desk but this will just help me do my job better. If you could just send me an email when ever your going to a meeting or a meeting here and what time you will be back or what time you will be out of the meeting, becuase when people call and ask for someone im searching and rarley now who is where so jsut those couple of things will help me out a great deal so that i dont look so stupid to phone calls that come threw. So if you all could just send me and email when you get in and just when your going to go to a metting or what not so that I dont feel so out of it up here thanks so much!!!

I admit that I am a little more anal about grammar than some people (understatement), but COME ON!!! Just reading it made my head hurt. I can look past the spelling errors (except maybe "threw" because that changes the meaning of the sentence), but.... excuse me while I hyperventilate trying to figure out what the worst part of this is.

Once you figure out what she's saying, it's really not a bad idea. Give her credit for trying to make her job more efficient.

Seriously though, it hurts me.

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