Thursday, February 08, 2007

Crazy Celebs

I'm sure everyone has heard by now about Anna Nicole Smith. It's all very tragic. Especially for Courtney Love. There's no one around now to make her look less crazy.

Here are my predictions for who will step up to the plate:

Sharon Stone - she's almost there. But she's still kind of trying to be classy... sometimes

Lindsey Lohan - just give her a year or two. As long as she doesn't make some miraculous recovery and start acting a like a normal human being. The problem is that she's young-crazy so all her hyjinks can be written off as youthful indescretions (or something).

One (or both) of the Olsen twins - Ok, so relatively they're both pretty wholesome, but wouldn't it be fun if Mary Kate flew off the handle into crazy town. Of course you have the same youth problem you get with Lindsey.

Lara Flynn Boyle - Ok, so she's already a little crazy. She's different crazy though. We need to get her a little more drug-hazed.

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Cassie the Great said...

I totally suck at predcting things! Miss Spears has stepped up to the plate quite well. What with the head shaving and the umbrella attacks. I didn't even think of her, but it kinda makes sense.