Tuesday, February 13, 2007

la la la la laaaaaaaaa

I'm sure it's something that has crossed many a mind before, but I can't help but wonder why people feel compelled to applaud at the end of a movie. Unless you are attending the actual Hollywood premier, no one who had anything to do with the movie is there to appreciate it. Unless you count the pimply kid who runs the projector. These days, I suppose, it's all digital anyway so all said kid has to do is push a button.

I went to the sneak preview of Amazing Grace last night. Good movie, very good story, though the film did seem to be lacking something. Still, very entertaining. Not only did the entire audience (myself excluded) applaud at the end, but they gave it a standing ovation. Had it been a play and not a film, I would have quite agreed with the crowd, but it wasn't.

In other news, I'm single again and have been for... a bit over a week. It's all very tragic, but not really. (ex) Boyfriend and I are still friends. No, really, we actually are. It's a bit strange, but in a good way. Our relationship has basically stayed the same only minus all the fun kissy bits. I suppose I can't really refer to him as 'boyfriend' anymore. I suppose a name is in order. Well, if he ever comes up again in the course of my ramblings, I shall name him.

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