Monday, July 30, 2007

I Wonder

Is it wrong to write when one has absolutely nothing worthy to write about?

Of course, that prompts the question: What qualifies something as worthy to be written?

I would say that this quandary does not qualify. But my fingers are desperate to type something and I have no amusing anecdotes to record, or any particularly deep thoughts to throw out into the universe.

A fly just landed briefly on my ring. That was odd.

I think, in lieu of anything personal to blog about, I'm going to talk about . . . SPACE!

How 'bout those dust storms on Mars, eh? As bad as it is for the rovers, I think it's kind of exciting. I mean, it's not unusual for Mars to have big wind storms, but we haven't had two rovers up there for any other ones (have we? If we have I give you permission to call me a schmuck). Not that the little guys can do much, what with low sunlight and everything, but it's sort of almost like being there. Only much more comfortable. No one likes getting sand in their panties, and I'm sure sand would be EVERYWHERE if a person was actually up there.

The Phoenix looks pretty flippin' sweet too.

Finally, (this is old news, but I haven't mentioned it before) New Horizons got some really wicked pictures when it flew by Jupiter. Please, don't judge me too harshly when I say that I'm totally turned on by the volcano pics on Io. And the pics of the Little Red Spot are just freaking hot.

This concludes my geek-out of the day. Thank you for your patience

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