Thursday, July 26, 2007

Pull Yourself Together Man!

Sometimes I think that I should ascribe some sort of theme to this blog. Some possibilities that have crossed my mind are:

> Literary discussions of the books I have read, am reading or want to read

> Some sort of chronicle of the stuff I'm doing to get ready for the 111 mile bike ride I'm doing in a few weeks (eeek it's coming up quickly)

>Snarky movie reviews or celebrity commentary ('cause there aren't enough blogs out there already doing that)

>Snarky reviews of random stuff (food, bands, venues, festivals, restaraunts) that I try/go to.

I think having some sort of structure to my blog might make me more popular. People I don't directly know will find my blog interesting and worth checking several times a day. Then I can become QUEEN OF THE INTERNETS and rule the world. (insert maniacly evil laughter here)

But then I think "no, that's boring." Not ruling the world. Having structure. Is boring. As are complete sentences. If I had structure to my blog, I wouldn't be able to post a lot of stupid shit that is generally apropos of absolutely nothing.

That reminds me, I want to re-read a book I read a long time ago called Sir Apropos of Nothing. It was hilarious.

See, non-sequiters like that would... no they would still be there if I had structure. They would either make more sense or less sense though, depending on what the theme of my blog ended up being.

I'm thinking of putting a poll on my blog. It sounds like fun. It would be more fun if there were more people to take the poll. Maybe if I leave it up long enough....

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