Monday, November 12, 2007

Pagans Rock

If you ever have the opportunity to see Stravinsky's Rite of Spring performed live by a good orchestra, I highly recommend taking advantage of that opportunity. It is a piece full of so much energy and vigor that it's as interesting to watch as it is to listen to. I had the pleasure of experiencing the awesomeness of Stravinsky on Saturday.

A long time ago I joined a group called Vivace Uncorked. Their website doesn't really do much to explain what they're all about, but basically they're a group that funkifies the classical performing arts and makes them a little more appealing to 20/30 somethings. Through this group I got discounted tickets, plus they had an after party at one of the swankiest "private clubs for members" around.

Not only was the music incredible but the après musique gathering was quite fun as well. The "smorgasbord" of food (appetizers, ours devours, dessert. And smorgasbord is how it was described on the ticket. I love it!) was all extremely delicious and I met some interesting new people. Well, at least one interesting new person. I met others, but I'm not sure how interesting they really are. The next after party is at a local brewery, which will be more conducive to mingling and therefore to making new friends.

The point is, classical music=good time. I recommend everyone (in the area) check out Vivace and maybe attend an event or two.

In other news:
I still have a lingering cough and a little stuffiness. I need to get over this by Thursday because....

I'm heading to Vegas this weekend. (Viva Las Vegas! <-- that is me singing)

The bookstore thing didn't work out. Oh well. I'll still keep my eye out for a new and interesting job. Of course, not much else would allow me to devote so much time to my blog. I would hate to disappoint my adoring audience.

I spent 20 minutes trying to figure out how to put and accent on the e in après. I'm kind of excited that I know how to do it now. Don't make fun of me and say it's not that hard and I should have already known how. That's not nice. But I can also now do this: ¿ © ¢ ñ ... and several other symbols as well. Ha ha foreign alphabets are my bitch!

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