Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Today's Post Is Brought To You By The Letter R

... as in Ridiculous.

Ridiculous things are happening today.

I had computer training for my job today (at the library. I will tell you all about it one of these days). It was thrilling, let me tell you. It is nice/important/necessary for us new employees to know how to use the software so we can keep things running. It's kind of nice that there is actually a training class thing for this job. Most places I've worked just stick new people at a computer and you get to learn as you go. This sink or swim method works, but usually means that it takes forever to accomplish simple tasks. So training beforehand is a good thing. Todays training involved very useful things such as "double click to open the program" and "you can close by clicking on this x in the corner" and "this is your menu tool bar, where your menus are." I'm seriously not exaggerating. It was the most basic computer stuff that anyone who has ever used a computer must know already. It seemed completely ridiculous to be going over things so simple.

As ridiculous as that was, there were a couple people there who really needed to be taught those simplest of simple computer tasks. These people were... well, they were older than me, so I guess it could be a generational thing. I don't expect everyone to be a computer wiz or anything. And I acknowledge that it's easier for me, and my peers, and kids younger than me, to grasp new technology. After all, we've pretty much grown up with computers, so we're used to them. We take it for granted that everyone has a basic understanding of how they work. These ladies really didn't. Maybe they are complete technophobes who let their kids do all their computer stuff. I don't know. It seems like computers play such a huge role in almost everything people do these days, it's ridiculous that people don't know such basic, basic things about how use them. I don't mean anything against these people, really. It's just astonishing. I'm astonished.

After I learned how to shut down the computer by going to "start" then "turn off computer" I ventured out into the parking lot to find... Fucking Snow. It was so warm and sunny yesterday! This weather is ridiculous.

On my way home, Alanis Morissette's amazingly ridiculous song "Ironic" came on the radio. I listened to the whole thing and sang along with every word. Oh man, I haven't heard that song in ages. I bought Jagged Little Pill when it first came out and listened to it non-stop. Hey, I was in Jr. High, I was young and silly. It, like, totally spoke to me. I now look back and have to point and laugh at myself. That music (especially "Ironic") is pretty terrible. Oh well, I guess I have to still love it a little, if for no other reason but nostalgia.

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