Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Lost in Book Land

Now that my final in my Lit class is over, I'm indulging in some very silly novels. It's really fun to get swept away by a silly little plot and not worry about symbolism and theme and tone and all that Jazz. I'm almost ravenous for these silly little novels. And I'm going to enjoy being able to relax and read them for a while until I have to get back to serious reading for my summer classes.

I'm kinda feeling pensive tonight (and I just finished one book. I'll wait a while to start another), so I'm just going to keep adding to this post as things come to me.

Imagine if Jay Gatsby had been a woman. What with all the brooding, the excessive parties, the staring at the light across the river. She would have been considered obsessive and histrionic. Not that Gats is a particularly sound character... he gets away with it though (more or less) because he is a rich white male.

I kind of miss going to the opera. I had season tickets for two years in high school- I was able to get them really cheap. I enjoyed it very much. Since then I've only gone once. The last time I went to the opera I spent a lot more money than I could afford to get the tickets for my boyfriend at the time. They were a birthday present. He loved listening to opera music, but had never actually seen one. I thought it would be the perfect thing to get him, and I splurged to get decent seats. I was so excited about the gift, but his reaction was disappointing. Maybe it was my fault... isn't it supposed to be typical for guys to hate things like the opera? I really thought it was a wonderful thing to get him though. Those tickets are one entry on a long list of things I did for him with little or no thanks. The funny thing is, when we broke up he accused me of being ungrateful. He even said that he refrained from doing nice things for me because he didn't think I would appreciate them properly. ... Anyway, the opera was really good.

The conversations I have in my head always go smoother than when I try to have them with real people. Funny that.

Do you suppose Wagner is going through the after-life hitting himself in the head repeatedly every time someone plays Ride of the Valkyries because he knows at least half the people listening to it are singing along "kill the wabbit, kill the wabbit"?

It's odd; I don't have many favourites (it's better spelled the British way!). I don't have a favourite colour. I don't have a favourite fruit. No favourite band, flower, song, vegetable, number, movie, book, or animal. When I do settle on favourite, I seem to choose odd categories. I do have a favourite constellation, and a favourite composer (Corona Borealis and Beethoven, respectively). When asked what my favourites are though I respond with preferences based on phonetics. For example, I will tell you that my favourite colour is Vermillion, my favourite fruit? Kumquat. Veggie? Zucchini.


Anonymous said...

Your ex boyfriend sounds like an ass.

You took him to see Wagner? If any opera would appeal to guys in general, it is Wagner's, with all the Norse gods, heroes, magic weapons, etc.

If Jay Gatsby had been a woman he would be Paris Hilton, haha.

One thing about Gatsby, he wasn't believable as a guy who made his money smuggling booze during prohibition. Look at real-life examples. The Kennedy's made their money rum-running and went into politics. Al Capone was in the same profession and became a crime kingpin. Gatsby was supposed to have run with this crowd? Too laid-back, too ineffectual.


Cassie the Great said...

My ex boyfriend IS and ass. I didn't take him to Wagner... it was something else. A comedy. It was really good actually, quite funny. I don't think he was completely miserable, he just didn't appreciate the gift the way I would have liked him too.