Thursday, April 26, 2007


Here's a no brainer. It turns out that text messaging (omg i nvr wooda thawt this culd happn) makes kids dumber! Ok, not dumber, just less litterate. There's a big surprise, eh?.

Devoted readers of my blog (ha ha ha omigod I'm funny) know how much I love text messages from my
rant a good while back. This article just adds another item to the list of why I don't like 'em. The art of constucting a decent sentence is being distroyed by technology! I'm sure it applies to more than just Irish kids too. Maybe we don't notice it in our American youth because they're all electro-brain-washed and inarticulate/illiterate to beging with. It's all very tragic, I think I may cry.

(insert exasperated sigh here) It's really no use resisting such technology as text messaging. Yes, I did give it up for a month last year, but that didn't really do anything. My friends who communicate soley by text got a little annoyed with me. They still sent me texts messages and I called them in response. It was all very silly.

I'm tempted to give it up again, but it's kind of nice to be able to talk to friends when I'm at work and can't really gab on the phone. By no means is this a necessary diversion, but it's kind of nice. Anyway, I always practice safe texting (still HATE that word! I'm all for turning nouns into verbs on occasion, because it's fun, but this is yucky. Texted is worse). I send complete sentences with my texts; often they are long winded sentences with words that the autospell on my phone doesn't recognize. I absolutely refuse to use "i m speak" unless in mockery of people who speak completely in letters. I refuse to let my literacy slip through my fingers as they work the number keys of my phone! Not that it's likely to do so, it's pretty well ingrained in me.

It's also scary when people text and drive.

Speaking of driving,

I feel very unhappy for this world of ours. I would feel much worse, I'm sure, if I hadn't ridden my bike to work today. Especially since my gas tank is empty and I would have had to spend 40 some odd dollars to fill it up if I drove it today. Yay bike!


Anonymous said...

Probably 'messaging' is the word people are looking for, or even 'text messaging', as in 'safe text messaging'. Or maybe that's too hard for them to type.


Cassie the Great said...

I don't think it's a matter of it being hard to type, it's just that people are lazy. It takes way too much effort to use two words and say/write "text messaging" so they shorten it to "texting"

Anonymous said...

I was being sarcastic toward 'them'. Yes, they are lazy. But saying/ writing 'messaging' sounds better and is better grammer than 'texting'. But will they listen to us? Of course they ... cough cough, no they won't.


Cassie the Great said...

They should listen to us. We obviously know better than they.