Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Tis a Blustery Sort of Day

Last night I had vegan pizza. It was good, but it wasn't really what I would call pizza. The consensus was that it should be called "weird shit on bread." But that doesn't make it sound very appetizing. Of course neither does "vegan pizza" really. Oh well, it was actually quite good.

Over the weekend I got a new pair of shoes for $2.50. They're gold and strappy and I'm probably not going to wear them more than a couple times in my life, but they were only $2.50.

You know what would be fun? If a tornado hit downtown and I had to go home. I guess it would probably be more scary than fun, at least in the traditional sense. Oh but it would be exciting. And I sort of don't feel like working today. It's not so bad really. Just on days like this when it's stormy and crazy outside, I want to be either out in the weather or watching it from the comfort of a big armchair with a nice cup of tea. Actually here at my desk I have a very decent view of the rampaging winds. I'm just missing the tea.

Update: There was no tornado. :( And now it's snowing. The really fun part of all this is that my dad, my brother and my brother's girlfriend are all going to a double-header Real Salt Lake soccer (would it be footer because it's soccer?) game tonight. In the snow. Fun for them!

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Anonymous said...

Sorry, you lost me at 'Vegan Pizza'.

- Rusty