Friday, September 07, 2007

Word, Everybody, Word.

I love Fridays. Yes I do. Especially beautiful fall Fridays like today (although it's not technically fall yet, but we're having nice fallish temperatures today in SLC, so I'm calling it fall, so there). Especially especially beautiful fall Fridays when I get paid. Nothing is better than a weekend when I have money.

(Now I want to parenthetically argue with myself about when fall starts. I guess you could say that fall starts after Labor day, in which case it is indeed fall already. Or, as I am wont to do, you can say fall doesn't start until the Autumnal Equinox, which isn't for another week or two. Or you can say that it isn't fall until the leaves start to turn, and who knows when that will be. I'm going to stick with the astronomical version, so my previous parenthetical statement stands)

I only wish I could get out and enjoy the day sometime before 5. Ah the burden of a regular, full time job. I might not mind so much (and actually, I don't really mind all that much anyway) if I had a little more to do. Or if I had a job that I really loved. Maybe I should start looking for another employment. I could just casually apply at the places where I think I would really enjoy working. Like indie bookstores and maybe the library. Getting a job at a library is complicated for me, but that's a whole other blog!

Well, I've gotten so off topic that I don't even remember what I set out to write in the first place. Oh well.

To celebrate the especially wonderfullness of today (being a lovely fall, Friday and pay day), I'm going to post an amusing video.

I couldn't find it without the subtitles. >shrug<

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