Sunday, June 08, 2008

Bikes and Dykes

What a weekend!

Friday I worked all day and then shot off to Logan with my parents.

Saturday I spent all morning and a good chunk of the afternoon in Logan riding my bike. It was the first sponsored ride of the season. I already wrote all about it here, on my bike blog.

I got home from Logan around 4, took a shower and passed out until 5:30 when my friend Nick showed up. It was a planned showing up. We went to the Roller Derby that night, Nick and I... and Alessa and another Nick and Jimmy. After the Derby we decided to play mini-golf (why the hell not?).

I got home, completely exhausted, around 11:30 only to discover that Roommie had a few people over. That's not a big deal, they were friends, and it was Saturday night, and I was going to pass out and be dead to the world anyway. I really was going to go to bed right away and sleep a long time. But then I started talking to them. I didn't make it to bed until they left... around 2:30.

Today I woke up at 8. I meant to wake up at 8:30. Was planning on an early morning because of the Pride Parade, which started at 10. I magically woke up half-an-hour early and didn't feel like it was worth it to go back to sleep at that point. Around 9:15, I met up with some friends and we walked down town to see the parade.

After the parade we had to go to the festival, of course. For those who don't already know, the Pride Parade and especially the Pride Festival is pretty much a big gay party. It's a celebration of all the homos, trannies, and miscellaneous queers. I'm as straight as they come, but I have wonderful friends who speak fluent fag, so I go in support of them.

I was at the festival pretty much all day. It was a lot of walking around, checking out booths and checking out people. Pride really brings out the more interesting side of Salt Lake. It was a lot of fun, but I'm pretty sure that after my bike ride and then walking around all day today, my legs are about to fall off.

This evening I went to my parent's for dinner. Now I'm home and have a daunting amount of homework I have to get done. Remember the days when I used to have free time? *sigh* those were the days.

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