Friday, June 06, 2008

Danke Schoen

I should really be sleeping. But I thought I'd throw a few random thoughts into the blogosphere first. And rather than doing a bulleted list, I think I will mark each separate thought with a Suessical fish.

I went to the dentist today for the first time in 2 years. It's not that I hate the dentist or anything, I just haven't gotten around to going. Anyway, I have two cavities. Boooo!

The Tyger by William Blake is much better in the context of Songs of Innocence and Songs of Experience. I found that poem mostly annoying before reading the rest. It's still not my favourite, but I like it much better now.

Speaking of Blake, I have to come up with a topic and thesis for a paper for my Lit History class. The paper (it's short, only 5-6 pages) is due a week from Tuesday. I really need to figure out what to write it on. I have a few ideas floating around my head, but nothing really solid.

Remember River? She's gone. Roommie took her back to the pet adoption place today. She was a very defective cat. She peed where she shouldn't have, and she was destroying my couch. Roommie's pretty bummed about the lack of cat we now have. That makes me feel bad about celebrating, but I'm really happy that stupid cat is gone.

Tonight at swing club, I requested Danke Schoen I was excited about the Ferris Bueller-ness of it all (P.S. The link is to a trailer video. The song is at 1:47 and lasts about 3 seconds. It's the best I could do without making much effort). No one else got it. That made me sad. I guess I'm just weird like that; it's astonishing how often I make references that no one gets.

I'm riding Little Red Riding Hood this weekend. The weather looks like suck. Hopefully the forecast is wrong and Saturday will turn out to be really lovely.

Must sleep now. Bye!

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