Thursday, June 26, 2008

Cool Clear Water

I live in a desert. With limited water available for use, conservation is really important. This means, durring the summer, if lawns must be watered, it should happen early in the morning or later in the evening. You know, when it's not so hot that the water evaporates almost before it hits the ground. It just makes sense. We've had a really wet spring, so I guess there's enough H2O in the resevoirs that we don't have to be as careful this year as in years past. Still, why wouldn't you want to water as efficiently as possible.

When I see people watering their lawns in the middle of the day, I usually roll my eyes or make a disparaging comment to whoever I might be with at the time.

Yesterday, however, I was kind of grateful for these idiots. It got up to 98 degrees yesterday afternoon and I was either walking from place to place or riding my bike in that heat. The jerks who were wasting water on their lawns in the middle of the afternoon provided a nice little cool down for me. I enjoyed their sprinklers very much, but they're still idiots.

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