Thursday, January 20, 2005


I read an article the other day about lying and the internet. Apparently they're related. The jist of the article (I didn't really pay attention actually so I'm making this part up) is that using the internet makes it so you can't tell if someone is lying. The article also gave tips on how to tell if someone is lying. I can remember 2. One was that if they give a lot of details, it's probably a lie, the other was something to do with pronouns. So if I say to you "Cassie can't come to the gala you are throwing just for her, she has to experience the euphoria that the winter moon creates when his reflected photons shine on the craggy rocks of the mountain." It's obviously a lie because I used pronouns (her, she, his) and details. I also refferred to myself in the third person which is a bad sign in any case. Another big clue that the statement is dishonest: no one (as far as I know) is throwing a gala for me. I wouldn't expect anyone to really but if you have nothing better to do, I guess I could pull myself away from the moonlit rocks.

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