Friday, January 21, 2005

Second Star on the Right

So today, I saw Jessica Brownlee... Wait, I should change her name to protect the innoccent or something... I mean I saw Jennifer Bennet. Yeah, didn't talk to her or anything, not sure what I would have said. For those who don't know (most people) "Jennifer" was a very good friend of mine up from seventh grade until our Jr(ish) year of high school. Turns out though that she is a backstabbing, cold-hearted, self-serving, bitch. She fucked me over a few times before I decided that I would be so much better off without her. And since I haven't seen hide nor hair of her in over a year, I'm much happier. Anyway, I saw her in Subway. She was way ahead of me in line and I easily avoided her by staring at the menu as she walked past. This way I only had to experience the cold air of evil that hangs around her person for a few seconds. If I had talked to her, it would have suffocated me. It sounds like I'm holding a grudge, doesn't it? That's really not the case. I am at peace with myself and rarely spend a second thinking about her as it releases too much negative energy into my system. I just state things the way the are. Jessica... oh, I mean Jennifer is the worst person I have ever known. I aspire to be completely unlike her, she's my inspiration or something like that.

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