Monday, February 14, 2005

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I dislike Valentine's day. Nothing could be less romantic than an official day to be romantic. That's not quite an original thought; it was in a comic strip yesterday, but it expresses my sentiments more or less exactly. Romance really should be spontaneous, not something you HAVE to do on a certain day in order to keep your significant other from dumping a glass of water on you head. What's worse than the holiday itself are the insipid people who get upset if they're boyfriend/girlfriend don't do something extravagant for them. It's all utter nonsense really. V-day is a holiday invented by the jewelry, card, and candy companies to make those in a happy relationship broke and those who are single feel like crap.


watshsname said...

you should've asked me to be your valentine, I wouldn't have bought you anything, I promise. but it too late now, you missed your chance, oh well.

Cassie the Great said...

That's almost against my point. I shouldn't want to have a valentine at all, and if I have a pre-existing sweetheart, he shouldn't need a special day to be romantic.

watshsname said...

well, I read it as you putting down the holiday because you're feeling bad that you don't have a valentine, since that's what people do, me included. so I'll be there for you to make you feel better about that part, but I'll be unromantic so you don't think I'm doing it just because it's valentines day