Friday, February 25, 2005

Some People

I know y'all (whoever reads this) just love hearing about the toystore! So today, a lady came in to exchange a broken water wiggly that she bought a few days ago. After the exchange, she showed me her reciept and said "I got all this stuff here the other day and I forgot to get it wrapped" and then looked at me like I was supposed to do something about it. I told her that the store policy was that we couldn't just hand out wrapping paper. She huffed and puffed and said "What do I have to do, go get all the stuff and bring it back here so you can wrap it?" I wasn't sure how to respond to that so I shrugged. She was storming off looking for her son by then though, so it was ok. After locating her toddler, she said to me, "I guess I could buy eveything again and then return what I already have." I told her she could if she really wanted to (in a very 'customer service' sort of way) and she went off in search of her items. Fortuantely her child crapped his pants just then so she chose to leave the store. Now, at some point, wouldn't it have been easier to just get some wrapping paper and wrap it herself? I mean, how hard is it really to get wrapping paper? There's even a Hallmark store in the same strip mall as the toystore, they sell that kind of thing don't they? Maybe not, but still, how hard can it be to find some? Certainly easier than either re-buying 10 some-odd toys and then coming back to the store to return the same 10 some-odd toys that she bought earlier or going home and finding 10 some-odd toys and coming back to the store and getting them wrapped. She didn't come back durring my shift, but I don't know about the rest of the afternoon. I really think she was serious about coming back to get her stuff wrapped.