Friday, February 18, 2005

Toyland Toyland Wonderful Girl and Boy land

Ok, so working in a toystore is often very fun. I mean, I get paid to play with toys all day, what could be better? Except I don't really get to play with the toys all the time, only when I have nothing else to do. This happens more often than you would think, especially recently. For some reason people aren't too keen on buying toys in January and February. But I digress. I like my job most of the time and if there is one thing I can really complain about, it's the music they play in the store. Some of it is almost tolerable, like we have a Harry Connik Jr sings Disney (or something like that) CD that isn't horrible. But there are some CDs in circulation that are dreadful. For example, right now I'm (unfortunately) listening to a bunch of children sing Elvis songs. I'll admit I'm not HUGE fan of The King to begin with but when children are singing his songs.... Shoot me now!


Anonymous said...

Maybe you could suggest to the store's manager that there might be a market for CDs/tapes aimed at kids that don't drive their parents insane (think long car drives...).

Cassie the Great said...

That's a very pleasant idea but I don't think it would be well recieved. The owner is a bit sadistic. We have a buzzer, for example, that alerts us when people come in the store. It makes a nausiating beeping noise and customers complain about it almost more than the staff (we've all learned to ignore it). The owner will absolutely not get rid of it or get a replacement. So you see, he likes making us miserable.