Monday, February 28, 2005

This weekend I packed up some stuff and traveled down to Durango, CO to visit some people down there. I hate to say it, but being down there again, I'm really glad I left. Not that Durango is not a great place, it's just not for me. There's nothing there and what little there is, is massively expensive. It was a fun trip though. My dear friend Arrakis went with me which made the 7 hours (one way) in the car highly tolerable. It was nice to see the friends I made down there, but it is also nice to not be there anymore. Sunday morning, Arrakis and I did the down-town-tourist thing and I found a gorgeous ring in this little swank jewelry store. It was a gold band with inlaid opals and a decent sized diamond. It was only $3600, so if anyone has some extra cash on them, I have a birthday coming up June..... What else did we do? Not much, just kinda hung out with people. Good times.

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Alan C. said...


If you have friends that will buy you a $3600 ring, please introduce me because I would love to have some friends like that.

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I would love to hear your feedback to some of my work and such.