Thursday, March 24, 2005

Gosh Darn it All

Don't you just hate it when you go to the doctor and he says that you look just fine but he wants to run some tests anyway and so you go down to the lab and they stick a needle in your arm and take out some fluid and then they make you pee in a cup and you go home with a bright freakin' green bandage around your elbow and then a few days later your doctor's office calls and tells you you have iron-deficiency anemia and that you have to take ferrus sulfate but they don't have ferrus sulfate at your local pharmacy so you have to drive all around town to find it and once you have it then you have to take it because as fun as it is getting really dizzy every time you stand up, it's really not that fun and even though you don't really have a problem with ferrus sulfate - it doesn't mess up your digestion like it does with some people- you just dont really like taking pills so then you have to tell everyone about it in a really horrible run-on sentence? Yeah, I hate that.

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