Sunday, March 06, 2005

Uneducated Masses

So, I'm reading the Trib this morning and I'm scanning the opinion page and my eye lands on this bit of tripe:

Brainwashed Students

Each year in America, thousands of young people enroll in colleges in pursuit of knowledge which will hopefully enhance their lives and enable them to contribute to society in a positive manner. Unfortunately, many of them will be exposed to radical socialist professors who brainwash their young, naive, gullible minds with distorted information. As a result large numbers of people are being dumped into our society who are very anti-American with flawed educations and dubious worth to themselves and our nation.

Manfred J. Nelson
Salt Lake City

Needless to say, I was a bit offended. So, being one to take very little sitting down, I decided to write a response. I just finished sending it into the Trib. This is what I wrote:

In response to Manfred J Nelson’s rant on the brainwashing of college students (Forum, March 6), I feel compelled to stand up for myself and my peers. I like to think than my mind is neither na├»ve nor especially gullible, as Nelson stated. My college experience this far has helped me develop and fine-tune my analytical thinking and my ability to recognize empty rhetoric. Far from being brainwashed in college, I’m learning to think for myself and guard my mind from the careless opinions of others. Last time I checked thinking was not an ‘anti-American’ activity.

There was so much more I could have said, but I felt that keeping it consise and to the point was more poignant. But, honestly, what does Nelson want? a country overrun by idiots? He should lock himself up and throw away the key, that way he wont be exposed to 'radical socialist' ideas. Anyway, by the time most people get to college, they have already made up thier minds about their politics and such. And in Utah anyway they're more likely to get their heads filled with uber-conservative bull shit than anything else. I don't like this Nelson guy!!!

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watshsname said...

what's wrong with socialism? the smurfs were socialists and they're awesome